HAN Changemakers session 2

Hoe word je nu een changemaker? 3 kersverse lectoren en een programmamanager van HAN (Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen) benaderen deze vraag vanuit hun eigen thematiek (Slim, Schoon, Sociaal, Circulaire Economie). In totaal worden er 4 sessies georganiseerd met steeds een toonaangevende partner uit het werkveld. 

Session 2: “Leading the Future Through Innovation: How Sustainability Transitions Impact Us All”

Date and location
Friday 13th of october in the van Beinumzaal in Musis Arnhem, part of the INNOVATE Experience.
This session takes place from 11:00 – 12:00 am, you can sign up for free via this page.
This session is in English.

This session is for:
This session is for visionaries and innovators at heart who want play a role in shaping the future, for changemakers and anyone who wants to understand what’s next. We would like to welcome students, businesses, alumni, teachers, researchers, policy makers and citizens as well.

Don’t miss out, because:
Transformative changes such as energy transitions and e-mobility progresses, promise a greener and better future for our planet and society. 
This sessions unlocks knowledge and inspiration where innovation meets sustainability for a better world. In this session, we create an interactive, immersive experience linking our experts at HAN and leading professionals with real world cases.

The session will be presented by Anna Sabidussi (lector HAN – Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen).
Lennard Nellestein from CONNECTR will join in on the session.







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