Sustainable Social Housing-SSHousing

The integrative platform to empower the sustainability grade of affordable/social housing in which the energy efficiency of the buildings in the operational phase would be upgraded by the innovative and socio-economical solutions.

Shaghayegh Yeganeh
University of Tehran- Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship (Course Study)
BSc. Civil Engineering, MSc. Construction & Project Management

Over het initiatief / About the initiative

Sustainable Social Housing-SSHousing

In welke fase zit jouw initiatief? / In what stage is your initiative?

Uitgewerkt conceptfase

Heb je jouw initiatief al gevalideerd? / Did you validate your initiative?

yes. Erasmus University Challenge,Statupleap Netherlands.

Meer informatie over jouw initiatief / More info about your initiative

The Main objective is setting a platform for developing sustainability in the present buildings ( operational and maintenance phase) especially in  Social/Affordable housing by:

-Upgrading Energy Efficiency in residential buildings by finding the best solutions in accordance with these services:

  • Free training & cultural survey
  • Consulting service
  • Technology Consulting
  • Supplements & Promotions
  • Auditing, monitoring
  • Fabric building, renovation
  • Retrofit HVAC, Energy Systems
  • Feedback & Comment services
  • Governmental incentives and financing solutions

Wat zijn jouw volgende stappen om het verder te ontwikkelen? / What are your next steps to develop the initiative?

  1.  There is a multi-sided market to the B2B, B2C or B2G models, but in the first try it would be great to concentrate in the B2C for social responsibilities and customer’s survey and auditing the trend by the Statistical findings and then it should be linked by the Green Technology Developers & Financial companies (B2B) , to implement the solutions and would be upgraded by the B2G for Better Financing in the governmental & municipal forum.

The other targets are:

  • Developing the Mobile App
  • Finding the best co-Investment via the Business model specially in the selected residential complexes.(decreasing urban heat island)
  • Joining energy expert, Insurance companies to this platform for risk reduction and Energy Saving Assurance

Wat heb je nodig om (nog meer) impact te maken met dit initiatief? / What do you need to make (more) impact with this initiative?

  1. The most important effects of this app are the environmental impact (GHG reduction) due to decrease energy consunption in the building sector(with Egergy Grade),business development of the platform due to the high number of units (for promotion),and a fine marketplace for the energy experts & green developers .
  2. The platform could be profitable for mentioned solutions including: branding & advertisement,consultancy & supplement ,insurance company….
  3. Making the initiatives more impact by :
  • Finding the best co-founders and investor angels for promoting the model by the other targets.
  • Developing the platform to the water efficiency/waste management/transportation of the buildings.
  • Innovative and diverse financial solutions for the users
  • Insurance company for risk reduction
  • Improving the sustainability in the design, construction and operational phases by the next version of the app
  • Finding the best case study for more research (Example:Social housing in Europe)