Lestor Wilson, Hogeschool Rotterdam

One of the things that we want to tackle is mental and physical health problems. While I was growing up I’ve met a lot of people who was struggling with some sort of mental health problem, some where serious depressed, dealing with self-hate, having no self-confidence and having a lack of self worth. Until this day this is currently still a big problem worldwide. People waking up everyday having no goals, not
knowing their PURPOSE in life, which is one of the main causes of depression and we want to change/ help solve that issue, to help people find meaning and stay healthy mentally and also physically.

We at Purpose are creating an interactive AI smart mirror where we focus on health and lifestyle.
A mirror that people stand in front of every day and which reminds them of the reason why they woke up that day, to face their daily challenges with confidence and believing in themselves as they see themselves in the mirror.
To help people live up to their own goals, find and follow their PURPOSE in life, with a healthy lifestyle. A smart mirror to help us with creating a better and personalized lifestyle.