Heimdall Sensor Intelligence

Enabling the transition from periodic- or failure based maintenance to predictive maintenance to optimize the use of both financial and physical resources.

Jeroen Sassen
Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Operations, Management & Logistics

Over het initiatief / About the initiative

Heimdall Sensor Intelligence

In welke fase zit jouw initiatief? / In what stage is your initiative?


Meer informatie over jouw initiatief / More info about your initiative

Both building owners and maintainers have to schedule maintenance in order to secure a buildings quality. However, performing to much maintenance would be inefficient and the same way around to little maintenance results in hazardous and undesirable outcomes. In an ideal situation maintenance teams arrive just before threshold values are met. In order to take this step HSI wants to develop sensors which monitor the buildings envelop on a continuous basis. The current development focusses on our window pollution sensor. This technique adds value by both giving quality assurance and cost reduction.

Wat zijn jouw volgende stappen om het verder te ontwikkelen? / What are your next steps to develop the initiative?

Currently a 50K subsidy is on expected to arrive on the first of july in order to buy enough materials to be able to perform a industrial pilot. This pilot will help us to grow our product to TRL6

Wat heb je nodig om (nog meer) impact te maken met dit initiatief? / What do you need to make (more) impact with this initiative?

I would like to come in contact with building owners with a large portfolio in order to validate our business proposal