Campus Orbis (CAO)

A virtual infrastructure that incentivizes campus stakeholder engagement while utilizing AR technology in harmony with an AI assistant who will become the individuals’ first friend on campus

Alperen Demirtas
Tilburg University
International Management

Over het initiatief / About the initiative

Campus Orbis (CAO)

In welke fase zit jouw initiatief? / In what stage is your initiative?


Heb je jouw initiatief al gevalideerd? / Did you validate your initiative?

Yes, through conducting interviews

Meer informatie over jouw initiatief / More info about your initiative


Business overview



Campus stakeholders, including educational institutions, students, and local businesses, struggle to effectively engage with each other. Traditional methods of engagement, such as flyers and posters, are often ignored or overlooked, resulting in missed opportunities for both businesses and students.




Our eureka moment came when we realized that by leveraging AI, AR, and event promotion, we could create a virtual infrastructure that incentivizes campus stakeholder engagement. Our platform, CAO, offers a unique and compelling value proposition by providing a centralized hub for campus stakeholders to connect and engage with each other.


CAO’s AI-powered recommendation engine suggests events and activities based on a user’s interests and preferences, while AR technology allows businesses to create immersive experiences that attract and engage students.


CAO streamlines educational institutions with an efficient reach to students. Their current approaches (emails, newsletters, career dev. corners etc.) are out-dated which create communication problems between the institution and students. Even though the institutions offer a variety of services to their students, most of the students are unaware which results in a communication/reach problem between the two parties. CAO allows the institutions to utilize their services through its centralized platform.


CAO provides enrolled students easier access to university services. Currently, they are being informed via emails and university websites. Hence, the majority of students (student organizations) have taken their concerns to social media where they attempt to originate small communities. CAO gathers all of these services under one roof, by allowing the students to build their social portfolios.


CAO offers all prospective students a chance to observe a future environment. Currently, the prospective students are either being advised by guidance counselors, web-based information and personal relationships while making a decision that will affect the next period of their lives. CAO offers prospective students a guidance network through its community. 


Local businesses around the campus areas will have the opportunity to execute their targeted marketing strategies upon their consumers with their profiles on CAO. Further, business owners will have access to their customizable dashboard informing them of direct results (similar to students’ dashboards). In conclusion, these pillars of the education industry will be provided with CAO’s agile conformity service that allows the users’ to explore who they are.


Why now?


The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for virtual engagement solutions, and the market potential for CAO is significant. As the world transitions into Web 3.0, we aim to accelerate the process by taking a radical stance within the social media industry.


Market Potential:


Our target customers are educational institutions, students (prospective, enrolled, and alumni), and local businesses. We believe that CAO has the potential to create a new market by providing a unique solution to the problem of campus stakeholder engagement.




While there are other platforms that offer event promotion and advertising services, none of them offer the same level of AI and AR integration that CAO does. We plan to win by providing a superior user experience and leveraging our unique technology.


Business Model:


Our revenue model involves offering premium features to universities and local businesses for a subscription fee.

Wat is er anders/nieuw aan jouw idee/oplossing t.o.v. bestaande oplossingen? / What is different/new about your idea/solution compared to existing solutions??

We are the necessary initiative that will become the gateway into Web 3.0

Wat zijn jouw volgende stappen om het verder te ontwikkelen? / What are your next steps to develop the initiative?

We are almost done with developing our MVP; next step is the launch with proper marketing initiatives.

Wat heb je nodig om (nog meer) impact te maken met dit initiatief? / What do you need to make (more) impact with this initiative?

Currently, we came where we are with 0 funding, imagine what we could achieve with actual capital.