BYTrack Delivery: a Sustainable Urban Parcel Delivery Solution

Train commuters pick up parcel packages at train stations on their way home and deliver these to their neighbours for a small incentive.

Louis Scoop
Erasmus University Rotterdam
MSc. Strategy Economics

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BYTrack Delivery: a Sustainable Urban Parcel Delivery Solution

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  • Parcel delivery is a growing activity in the urban areas
    –> 37,8% yearly increase, 388,2 M B2C parcels per year in the Netherland
  • Big polluting delivery vehicles are gradually being limited within urban centres
    –> By 2025, all deliveries need to be zero-emission in most Dutch cities
  • The last mile segment is currently inefficient and has many negative externalities
    –> A green and sustainable solution is needed that goes beyond cargo e-bikes.


This solution utilizes the existing flow of work-home mobility to deliver for small, non-parseable and non-express parcels (e.g. clothing). Moreover, big polluting delivery trucks can be directed to a more central location within an urban area. The process will look as follows:

When arriving at a train station, a user of the app receives a push notification on his phone via location ping technology that there is a package ready for pick-up of a close neighbour at the central pick-up location at the train station. The user can choose to pick up the package and earn an incentive reward as compensation. A reward, for example, be a discount a 15% discount at the clothing store within the program or free delivery with its next delivery order. Meanwhile, the neighbours can follow the package until delivery through tracking for additional trust and safety of the package.

Wat zijn jouw volgende stappen om het verder te ontwikkelen? / What are your next steps to develop the initiative?

A pilot needs to be run to test the concept in a city like Woerden or Alphen as these are often seen as the most average municipalities/cities and are most often used for market research in the Netherlands.

However,  maybe a larger city like Amsterdam, Utrecht or Rotterdam is preferred as these have a larger urban population with a high work-home mobility

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Connect with stakeholders like PostNLDHL Parcel, DPD, GLS, UPS en TNT/FedEx.